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In-vitro Fertilization

in vitro fertilization
What is Invitro Fertilization?  

 IVF is a medical technique performed by stimulate a women’s reproductive system through medications and injections for parternity egg reproduction only to surgically remove the eggs and combine them with a male’s sperm. Once the eggs and the sperms are combined in a laboratory dish. This combination creates what we call embryos. Days later,the embryo or embryos are surgically placed in the women’s uturus for a possible pregnancy. This procedure has become more and more popular every year at the Family Hospital mainly because our results.  It is very likely that if you are a women under 35 years old that this treatment will be successful 1/3 times at the Family Hospital. If you are a women over 35 years old, the probabilities do tend to decrease to ¼ successfully getting pregnant. Women between the ages of 45-55 years of age are only 10% likely to get pregnant. The treatment consists of at least 1 month of preparation for a 2 week treatment.
How IVF is done at Family Hospital? 
Our IVF treatment is done the same way all reputable clinics in the United States perform there IVF treatments. The first step is to contact us so we can determine if IVF is good for you after a consultation with one of our fertility specialists. It is possible that a fertility screening will be required depending on your particular case. Once approved, you will start with contraceptives for at least 1 month before starting the fertility medication and injections. If you are not able to travel to Mexicali to start the program with us, let us know where to send you the medications so you can begin the progress. We highly recommend you to come at least once so we can physically explain to you the process of how and when to take the medications/injections.  
Step 1 –  Consultation and fertility screening
Step 2 Contraceptives must be taken at least 1 month before 
Step 3 – Injection/Medications begin 
Step 4 – Patient travels to Family Hospital for Egg retrieval 
Step 5 –  IVF performed in Laboratory 
Step 6 –  Embryos are transferred to the patient

Itinerary Example

Example IVF process for Stimulation
(Subject to change per case)

* Before injections take place, we will regulate your cycle 

Day 1-     1st injection
Day 2-     Take injection
Day 3-      Take injection (screening)
Day 4-      Take injection 
Day 5-      Take injection 
Day 6-     Take injection (screening)
Day 7-      Take injection
Day 8-      Take injection  
Day 9-      Take injection (Screening)
Day 10-    Take injection 
Day 11-     Patient must come to Hospital for Egg retrieval
Day 12-     IVF is performed in our lab for creation embryos
Day 13     Rest day ( Embryos created )
Day 14-     Rest day ( Embryos created )
Day 16-     Back at Operating room for Embryo Transfer
Day 17 -     Eligible to go back home

Next Steps  

1. Contact us so we can discuss your case with one of our fertility specialists 
2. If necessary, send us your fertility tests so we can determine your possibilities of having a successful IVF treatment 
3. Let’s discuss your fertility plan. You have different choices. 
4. Coming to Mexicali so we can do your fertility treatment ourselves for you with all ground transportation and consultations included for the same price  
5.  we can send you the medications and you can do the IVF treatment yourself back home and come when we need to retrieve the egg
6. We will create your travel itinerary depending on your decision and follow-through during your experience


After Treatment Information

- It is normal to feel sore after the treatment but any excessive vomiting or fever needs to be addressed.
- We will find out if you are pregnant at least 2 weeks post-transfer
- You must rest during those 2 weeks the transfer to increase your chances


1- What if I don’t have healthy eggs or my husband is sterile?
We can find your eggs or sperm donor. For women over the age of 40, we recommended them to get an egg donor to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

2. What are the risks of doing IVF treatment?
It is a completely safe procedure. Contact your case manager for more information.

3. What are the probabilities of getting pregnant?
There is a 40%-75% chance, but it may drop by age.

4. What if it doesn’t work the first time how many times can I try again?
As many times as you want to but if we run out of Embryos we would have to do the IVF again or we can use an Egg Donor. Keep in mind there may be an additional
fee for every other transfer

5. If I decide to do my entire 10-day injection treatment in Mexicali, what is not included in the quote?
 The hotel room, food, travel expenses, and medications are not included in the quote.



Mr. Tom Viator and Mrs. Lena Viator | IVF


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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