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Kidney Stone Removal

kidney stone removal
What is Kidney Stone Removal surgery?  

Kidney Stones are small calcium rock-like solids that can be formed anywhere in your urinary system. It is more common to find them in your kidneys than in any other location of the urinary system. This stones can be as large as 6 cm or as small as .5 cm and they can be formed in multiple areas.. You will notice you have kidney stones mainly after pain during urination and it is recommended to get tested immediately to determine the size and location of the stone(s) to remove it before it gets bigger or complicated. Not removing a kidney stone can cause kidney permanent failure which can lead to death. A great recommendation to avoid future kidney stone issues is to drink plenty of water and perform moderate daily exercise.
How do Kidney Stone Removal surgery is performed at Family Hospital?  

 The most common and effective method to remove kidney stones known worldwide is through Extracorporeal Shock Wake Lithotripsy ( ESWL ). At the family hospital this is no exception. This high energy technology helps dissolve these calcium stones into granular fractions but it must be done carefully. The first thing we need to know is we must identify the exact size of the stones and exact location. We can find this out throw a  spiral tomography or ultrasound testing. Once we know the exact location and size of the stone we will be able to determine if we can remove it in 1 stage, 2 stages or if it's not healthy to remove it at all because of where it is located. The surgery can take between 40 min to 2 hours for the entire process. Stones larger than 2 mm is best to break them down in 2 stages because of possible damage to the tissue. We do not take unnecessary risks at Family Hospital which is why it is important to always follow our surgeons' recommendation. If the 2nd stage of surgery needs to take place we can perform it the following day or as soon as our kidney stone removal team feel is safe. After your surgery, you will wake up in the recovery room followed by your private hospital room. The surgery is performed under blockage anesthesia. Tests will be performed during and after your surgery to ensure the outcome of the surgery.


Itinerary Example 

Day 1-  Arrival in Airport, transportation to the hospital for Pre-Op testing
           and physical consultation. Rest in Hospital

Day 2-    Surgery day, rest in the hospital 
ay 3-  Patient eligible to go to the hotel for an extra night of recovery if
            flying back home. In the case that a 2nd stage of surgery is required
            we would do it on this day. 

Day 4-   The patient should be eligible to go back home 

Next steps  

1. Complete the medical Intake Form
2. Please send us your medical reports where it states the observations by your local doctor in regards to your kidney stone(s). This report will help us determine your final quote
3. Please discuss with your Case Manager any Questions or concerns in regards to your procedure
4. Please discuss with your case manager any medications that you are currently taking.
5. Once approval and details are understood, your Case Manager will assist you with your travel arrangements and an itinerary will be provided to you.

After-Surgery Information  

- It is common to bleed while urinating for the first 1-2 days post-surgery
- It is common to feel a bit of back pain or swollenness after surgery
- We will provide you with medications that you must take after your surgery
- We will provide with a list of drinks that may be the reason why these stones have been created as well as other ways to prevent this from happening again
- Please follow the doctor’s instructions post-surgery


1. What do I need to get approved?
     A medical intake, and a CT Urography.

2. How do I know if my stone will be removed in one session?
     It depends on the location and size of the stone. Usually, it only takes
     one session if it's 5cm or less.

3. Will you go back to normal life after the stone is removed?

4. What can I do to avoid having stones again after the surgery?
Our recommendation is to drink 2 liters of water daily.



Mathew Meadow | Kidney Stones Removal
Larry Simmons | Kidney Surgery


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