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Shoulder Replacement

shoulder replacement
What is Shoulder Replacement?
The removal of damage parts of your shoulder area and replacing them with artificial components such as a shoulder implant. This procedure is less common than knee replacement or hip replacement but it works just as well in regards of removing the pain or gaining functional mobility.

How is Shoulder Replacement performed? 

Patient is put under both regional blockage and general anesthesia . The procedure is performed Arthroscopy unless otherwise indicated by the surgeon. 3 incisions are used to perform the procedure with minimal invasive technique. The procedure lasts approximately 3 hours to be completed. After procedure patient wakes up in the recovery room followed by his private hospital room recovery.

Implants that we use
-         Biomet / Depoi / Stricker



Day 1-  
Arrival in Airport, transporation to hospital for Pre-Op testing and physical consultation. Rest in Hospital

Day 2- Surgery day, rest in hospital

Day 3- Patient eligible to go to hotel. Physical therapy begins

Day 4- Patient is eligible to go back home if patient desires to continue physical therapy in his local community. If patient desired to do physical therapy in Mexicali we can coordinate his/her transportation to our physical therapy center.
NOTE: Please keep in mind, all ground transporation while recovering in Mexicali for physical therapy or doctor appointments are provided by Family Hospital at no extra cost. This is part of your mandatory concierge service.



Next steps

1. Complete your Medical Questionaire Form

2. If you have medical images or reports, please upload them or send them so we can start reviewing your case

3. Please discuss with your Case Manager any particular questions or concerns

4. If you are taking any medications please let us know

5. Once we approve your case, we can finalize your details and create your itinerary.

6. If you need a letter from us to your employer, let us know so we can provide one for time off work related duties.


After-Surgery Information

- You will take antibiotics and pain medication for approx 15 days

- You will be wearing a sling for 4-8 weeks. - We will provide you with instructions about how to do your physical therapy sessions. You will do ‘Passive Motion Excercises’ for 8 weeks ( This means you will use your other arm for assistance during your physical therapy sessions )

- Shoulder replacement surgery is mostly recommended for those 60 years or older that are not entitiled to hard labor.

- The surgery objective is to releave pain and provide functional mobility only, patient should not be doing hard labor after this surgery.

- Patient should stay away from all running/jogging activities for 10 weeks

- Full recovery can take up to 1 year



1.  How long will I be in pain? First 1-2 weeks can be a bit painful. During physical therapy it is common to feel pain as the body is healing from the surgery and the prosthetis is adapting to your body

2. How much physical therapy do I need to do after surgery? You should do physical therapy for the first 4 months. If you need assistance during your physical therapy, please contact a specialist in your area.

3. When can I go back to my normal work activities? Depends on the type of work you do. You should not do forced hard labor in your shoulder area anymore.




I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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