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Total Knee Replacement

total knee replacement
What is Total Knee Replacement surgery?
Total Knee replacement, is a surgical procedure that aims to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability. Mostly performed for osteoarthritis, or other knee diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Some major causes of debilitating pain include meniscus tears, cartilage defects, and ligament tears. Debilitating pain from osteoarthritis is a much more common among in the elderly. In general, the surgery consists of replacing the diseased or damaged joint surfaces of the knee with metal and plastic.
How is the surgery performed?
Our surgeons will go over all the questions you may have in regards to your surgery. Your surgery will take approximately 1-2 hours to be completed and could be performed under general anesthesia or spinal blockage. The incisions are standard and it is important that the day after your surgery you start walking and testing your knee.

We do not use any implants that are not FDA approved at Family Hospital. We use implants such as Biomet, Smith & Nephew, and others. One of our surgeons, Juan Bustamante, is very familiar with the Biomet Implant, but if you prefer a different implant please let us know so we can provide you with the answers.

After surgery Indications
The next day after your surgery you should be testing your knee. We will assist you test your new knee by walking and stretching. You may feel a little discomfort at the beginning but the pain should be minimal and the recovery is very fast. You could go back home after a couple days; but if you prefer to attend physical therapy in Mexicali; let us know so we can provide you with transportation and reservations for your therapy sessions. Physical therapy sessions in Mexicali range between $ 25-40 USD for a 45-minute session. You can also do physical therapy on your own.



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I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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