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What is the TURP?

A TURP procedure is recommended by a medical practicioner when  patients are having issues related to there prostate gland. The most common problems related to a recommendation to obtain a TURP procedure is related to a Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ( Or BPH – An age-related enlargement of the prostate that isn’t malignant ), Other related reasons why a TURP procedure would be recommend are when there is a decrease in urinary force due to blockage, inflammation,  infection, or pain when urinating.  These symptoms can cause a frequent need for urination. The TURP’s procedure purpose is to abolish fragments of the prostate gland to aliviate the condition.  

How we perform Turp at Family Hospital? 

The patient is put either in General Anesthesia or blockage. A narrow long instrument ( about 1 foot long and 1/half inch wide ) passes through the urethra to reach the prostate. This instrument is called a resectoscope, which has a small light and an electric loop that can cut tissue and seal blood vessels. The non-desired pieces of tissue are transported into the bladder by liquid to finally be flushed out once the treatment is complete.


Material used -       Resectoscope, other surgical materials


Day 1- Arrival in Airport, transporation to hospital for Pre-Op testing and physical consultation. Rest in Hospital

Day 2- Surgery day, rest in hospital         

Day 3- Patient eligible to go to hotel for extra day of recovery, some tests perform prior to departure of hospital.

Day 4- Patient is eligible to go back home if patient desires to continue physical therapy in his local community. If patient desired to do physical therapy in Mexicali we can coordinate his/her transportation to our physical therapy center.

Next steps  

1. Complete the medical Intake Form

2. Please send us your medical reports where it states your condition as well as an EKG, Torax Xray.

3. Please discuss with your Case Manager any Questions or conerns in regards to your procedure and any medications you are currently taking

4. Once approval and details are understood, your Case Manager will assist you with your travel arrangements and an itinerary will be provided to you.  

After Surgery Information  

- After your surgery, you will be recovering in the recovery room until you are stable enough to to go your private hospital room

- It is normal to bleed blood during the first 3 days post surgery

- You will be using your urine cateter for the first 3 days post surgery.

- You will start with a liquid diet followed by solid food diet

- We will closely monitor your recovery for the first 3 nights post surgery

- After the first 3 nights post surgery, you should be eligible to go back home and we will provide you with a guide post surgery


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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