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Vaginoplasty / Labioplasty

Vaginoplasty / Labioplasty
What is Vaginoplasty/ Labioplasty?

 A vagionoplassty is a gynecological procedure where a vagina that has become loose particularly by a women’s age or after childbirth is tightened to improve sexual sensitivity in the area and firmness. There is no guarantee that by tightenining the vagina a women will automatically have excesive pleasure during sex as an orgasm is complex, but it has been proven by thousands of patients that have had vaginoplasty in Mexico.

Labioplasty is the cosmetic side of the procedure. After childbirth, many women can experience that there labia ‘lips that surround the vagina’ can open and deform, forming an unpleasant appereance.  Labioplasty changes the shape and appereance of the vagina and it can be performed along with vagionoplasty surgery. Most recently, aesthetic and reconstructive procedures of the vagina are commonly known as ‘Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures’. Typical vaginal rejuvenation procedures can be any of the following:  

- Revergination - Clitorial unhooding  - G-spot amplification- Vaginoplasty- Labioplasty.

 In order to consider if vaginal rejuvenation is right for you, you must evaluate how this surgical procedure will benefit your overall health, beauty, and lifestyle. If you are confident that vaginal rejuvenation surgery is what you need, our group of Gynecologists and/or Cosmetic surgeons will make sure they provide the quality you are looking to obtain this surgical procedure.
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How Vaginal Rejuvenation is performed at Family Hospital?

Vaginoplasty at Family Hospital can be performed by one of our 20 years + experienced gynecologists or our Board Certified Cosmetic surgeons. Please keep in mind that the Family Hospital opened its doors as a hospital just for women, so vaginal rejuvenation is common.  Depending on what you are requesting, we could bring in a cosmetic surgeon to share the operating theater with your gynecologist for your surgery. The surgery can take between 1-2 hours to be completed.  It is most common to perform this procedure under sedation or regional blockage, but General Anesthesia is always an option.  After your surgery, you will be transported to our recovery room where you will rest for a couple of hours and where we will monitor the vital signs of your recovery. Once you are ready to proceed, we will transport you to your private hospital room where you will rest for 24 hours before being released the following day.  We will provide you with instructions and material ( bandages ) that you must follow during your entire recovery. It's common to be uncomfortable in the area for an estimated time of 2 weeks or until the area is completely healed. The incisions are not visible and the stitches are dissolvable. The Labioplasty-only procedure is a faster procedure and a faster recovery. The procedure usually takes 1 hour or less and the recovery is faster. Please discuss with your Case Manager what you expect to get out of Vaginoplasty and/or Labioplasty so we can determine what procedure is right for you. 


Itinerary of Medical Travel ( If flying )

Day 1-   
Arrival in Airport, transportation to the hospital for Pre-Op testing and physician consultation.
          Rest in Hospital

Day 2 -   Surgery day, rest in the hospital 
Day 3 -   Patient eligible to go to the hotel for the extra day of recovery, some tests performed before
          the departure of the hospital.

Day 4-   Patients should be eligible to go back home, transportation back to the airport provided
           by Family Hospital.

Day 5 -  Patient may be eligible to go back home, transportation back to airport provided by Family Hospital  


Next Steps

Contact us so we can discuss your case with one of our fertility specialists

If necessary, We will schedule a phone consultation and you should send a picture of the area to our surgeon so we can understand your case fully

 Please complete the medical intake form

Once all pricing and expectations are discussed, we will create an itinerary for you to follow

We will provide you with a sign quote and your itinerary so you can start getting ready for your trip!

After surgery Indications  

- We will provide you with instructions for you to follow post-surgery

- It is normal to feel uncomfortable in the area for an estimated 3-4 weeks, sometimes even longer.

- You should not wear any tampons, g-strings, or have sex for an estimate of 6 weeks, this will depend
 on the amount of surgery or type of the vaginal rejuvenation that has been performed to you.
  Full details will be provided to you

- Considering the area where the surgery takes place, it is very very important that you take your
  prescription medications as indicated by your surgeon

- Do not carry heavy object during your recovery or until doctor permits

- Relax and let the body heal, drink lots of water and follow a proper diet. 


1) When can I Get a Vaginoplasty or Labioplasty? 
   Anytime you'd like as long as you have decided not to have children in the future. 

2) How do I know if I want a Vaginoplasty or Labioplasty?
   If your objective is to feel more sensation during sex, Vaginoplasty is the right procedure. If your 
   the objective is for your Vagina to look younger, labioplasty is the right procedure. You could get
   both Vaginoplasty & Labioplasty at the same time. 

3) Can I go back to work after I get surgery?  We recommend that you do not go back to work
   for 2 weeks post-surgery to let the area heal. You should relax try not to do excess walking
    or moving around until full recovery is complete. 

4) What if I do not feel more sensation after surgery? 
   Contact your Case Manager

5) What are the risks of getting Vaginoplasty or Labioplasty?
   Risks are just like any other procedure. There is a higher risk of infection due to the area where the surgery
    takes place, so you must follow the after surgery indications as best as possible. If you are feeling sick
   or experience excessive bleeding, please contact your Case Manager so we can assist you. If you feel
   its an emergency, please call 91 or visit your local Emergency center. 



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