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Cancer Treatments


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Cancer treatments in Mexico
Cancer is the uncontrollable cell growth which causes malignant tumors or other diseases in your body. In 2007, cancer was responsable for more than 7.1 billion deaths around the world. Cancer is curable if detected in an early stage. Cancer treatments play a very important role and have a high contribution to healing cancer. In the Family hospital we have specialized treatments against cancer. Our main focus in Family Hospital is surgery. Almost all the patients diagnosed with cancer have to go into surgery. In many cases patients need surgery to diagnose, to remove tumors, and to stop the spread of cancer to another parts of your body.  Contact us for more information about cancer treatments at Family Hospital.

Cancer is a disease that affects many. Suffering for this disease or having a family member with cancer is often a long and painful experience. Sometimes it is not even possible to make an efficient treatment and the patient dies from an uncontrolled or not detected in time cancer. This disease is the consequence of an uncontrollable cell growth that causes malignant tumors in the human body. Cancer is responsible for more than seven million deaths in the world every year. As we said, if you detect cancer in an early stage, it might be cured. It is possible to heal cancer with a proper treatment. In Family Hospital we have the best professionals to give our patients the best cancer treatment. We are specialized in surgery and we assure all our patients that he or she will be fully satisfied as our main goal is to fulfill their expectations.

Not every patient with cancer has to go into surgery, but in many cases patients need a surgery to diagnose or remove a tumor or to stop cancer spreading to the rest of the body, the cause of most of deaths.

Since 2003 Family Hospital has achieved many progresses becoming a renowned hospital and leading medical center in Mexico. The hospital specializes on surgery in mexico and offers the most qualified specialists and materials. And most of all, patients will find that plastic surgery in mexico cost is lower at Family Hospital. It was created by a group of doctors dedicated to Gynecology, but it soon expanded to many areas of family medicine. Our team is highly qualified and we offer excellence attention. We are one of the best hospitals in Mexico and our proximity to the United States makes us the choice of most Americans. Actually, 30% of our patients come from our neighbor country, because our prices are 80$ less than in American Hospitals and we offer the same medical services.

If you want to be treated in our hospital we recommend you to call us for an appointment with a specialist. This way we can make the diagnosis and proceed with the correspondent treatment if it is necessary or a surgery if what you need is a cosmetic surgery in mexico. If you have doubts about whether you may possible have cancer or you have a family member with a diagnosed tumor, feel free to call us and we will happy to serve you.

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"I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success."

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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