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Cosmetic Surgery

Is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function.

At Family Hospital cosmetic surgery pricing are very competitive, perhaps the most competitive out of all the full service hospitals in the region. We perform cosmetic surgeries on a daily basis. 30% of our cosmetic patients come from the United States every month (mostly from the border cities or nearby cities ).  

We have a 0% mortality rate and team of staff dedicated in assisting you during the entire process.  We can offer a discounted price for combining 2 + treatments in 1 visit or referring a friend to us. Please note we will only perform as much cosmetic surgery as it is safely possible in one operating period. Please contact us so we can begin the approval process and provide you with your final quote and details.

Nowadays looking good, young and beautiful is something that concerns many women around the world. If you are looking for a solution to a cosmetic problem or you just want to have a cosmetic surgery in mexico to improve any area of your body you do not like, you can come to our hospital where you will find the best professionals and the best mexico plastic surgery prices.

At Family Hospital we seek to provide our patients the best prices on cosmetic surgery. Our prices are very competitive and you will see that you should come to our hospital because it has an excellent service. You will see that the cost of the surgery will be 80% less than in the United States so that is why a surgery in mexico is convenient for you.

We have in our favor the proximity with our neighbor country and we can ensure that 30% of our patients that are looking for plastic surgery in Mexico come from the United States. We are just steps from the border and the fact that we offer the same kind of service in surgeries than the US but at much lower cost makes patients choose us.

Most important is that we endorse an experience that started in 2006 and continues on. The mortality rate remains at 0%. Patients leave Family Hospital satisfied with the results and that is the most important as we look for the happiness of our patients looking for plastic surgery in Mexico.

In our hospital or website you can request information about various types of cosmetic surgery in Mexico available. For example you are able to ask for a full face lift in order to get rid of those annoying age marks. You can also have a lower face lift or what is called mini-lift which is performed only on the lower part of the face to correct local imperfections. It is also viable to have a lifting in other parts of your body, for example your tights or your arms, places that usually suffer the most after a patient goes through a massive weight loss.

Another intervention available in plastic surgery is the multiple liposuctions that can be performed in the belly or in other areas of your body. You can also have breast implants or breast augmentation. It is also possible to have a fat transfer or augmentation in the zone of your butt.

In Family Hospital we offer a special price to combine two treatments in one visit when you refer a friend to us.

To receive a quote please provide your medical info so our specialists can evaluate if you are a candidate for treatment. We will be touch within 24hrs with a personalised surgical recommendation.

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I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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