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Lower Face Lift

lower face lift
What is a Lower Face Lift? 

 It is a rejuvenation facial procedure that covers the jawline area, neck, and parts of the cheekbone by tightening the skin and removing the excess dead skin areas. This procedure is usually requested by patients between 45-60 years old or when excess weight is lost.  The procedure eradicates the wrinkles giving you a more youthful look. If the upper part of your face is not affected by the aging process, you may be a candidate for a  Lower facelift, otherwise, a Full Face Lift is required for a complete outcome. 
How do we performed at Family Hospital?

 In this surgery, the surgeon takes excess skin and in some cases fat from your face and neck. The surgeon makes an incision starting in the side lobe goes to the back of the earl all the way following the hairline and stopping on the back of the neck. He pulls tight your skin and takes the excess skin out. It could be done with local anesthesia or light general anesthesia, it depends on you & our specialists' final decision. 

Next steps

 1. Request a Quote. Browse our website and contact us. You will automatically receive an email that will explain to you the next steps. A case manager will contact you within 24 hours to begin the approval.

2. Send Medical Records.  You will automatically receive a link to fill out your medical questionnaire, and it is likely that your case manager will request previous medical records, pictures or any other test that will relate to your final quote and details.

3. Approval and Itinerary Plan. Your case manager will send you “the final quote and detail” description of your travel trip.

4. The arrival.  As a patient we promise to provide round-trip transportation from San Diego and Yuma, AZ and any área within 130 miles radius from Mexicali (Upon request ). The exact time of your consultation or surgery can change due to our doctor’s schedule, but we will notify in advance and assist you at all times. 

5. Recovery.  Your recovery will consist of staying at Hospital de la Familia or a nearby hotel, but this will depend on your particular surgical case and request.

After surgery Indications

-Take your medications prescribed by your surgeon.
- Do not smoke in 6 weeks, 2 weeks before the surgery and 4 weeks after the surgery.
- Do not exercise or do high intensity workouts for 6 weeks.
- Wear the compression garment as indicated by the surgeon.
- Contact your doctor in case of high fever, deep pain, and redness of the incision.
- Avoid as much as possible spicy food and fats for 2-3 weeks.



1- When can I go back to normal activities like work and exercise? Usually in 1-3 weeks but it depends on your work. You can exercise after 6 weeks at a moderate level.

2- How Do I know I am getting an infection? In case of high fever, liquid getting out of the incision, puss, excessive redness or pain, nausea, vomiting and deep pain contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

3- Are the stitches removed? How and when? You don’t have to remove them they will dissolve in 3 weeks unless otherwise mentioned by your specialist. 

4- What should I do if I am not happy with the results? You should wait until the inflammatory process is over and then contact your case manager. 

5- Can I get a discount if I bring a friend? Yes, contact your case manager

6- How long does the benefits last? It depends from person to person, but this could be up to 10 years.            


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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