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Mark Holstein- Kidney Surgery

To all the Doctors, Nurses, Administration and Staff, I want to thank everyone at Hospital de la Familia for your outstanding work. Being treated here was far beyond my expectations. The procedure went perfectly and gave me another chance at life. My wife and I searched for 3 years for a hospital that could help us. Finally, we found Hospital de la Familia. I told them I only had a few days to live and without hesitation, they said get down here as soon as possible, and we will help you the best we can. Luis picked us up at the airport and got us safely to the hospital. Upon arrival, I was almost dead and the Doctors and Nurses had to revive me. They actually awoke the dialysis clinic owner in the middle of the night for emergency treatment and saved me. After the first treatment, I felt so much better and I knew had chance. As the process continued, I got know all the staff. You all made us feel so comfortable, except maybe for that one nurse with the catheter, ha ha. Ok, that part was a little scary, but the nurses were very attentive and efficient at their job. They made us feel very safe and positive, and we knew we were in good hands. The administrative staff worked hard to keep everything on schedule and budget. I would not hesitate, with complete confidence, to recommend Hospital de la Familia to anyone  seeking the best medical treatment you will find at any price, and far exceeds anything I have seen in the U.S. We enjoy traveling here from Texas and will go nowhere else for treatment as long as they will have us.
family hospital cosmetic surgery testimonials
Patricia M - Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Maurice Guirard                                                                                     Hello Carlo,  I love my results.  I haven’t been this tiny since before I had my children Thank you so much for all your assistance and please thank Dr. Guirard for me! He is very sweet and very kind but the best part of him is his artistic talent. I would recommend him to everyone and I hope to come back soon for more work!! 
Elizabeth H -Gynecological Treatment with Dr Ricardo Llamas

I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.
As of today, I am feeling increasingly better since my surgery last Wednesday. I am very pleased with Dr.Llamas and the Hospital Familia
. The quality of care was excellent, and Dr.Llamas is a very good doctor. I am still sore from the surgery, but my recovery has been steady with each day better than the previous one.
I truly appreciated also that you gave me a patient referral. Speaking with her really boosted my confidence in the decision to go to Mexicali for treatment.
Also, the Lucerna Hotel was very comfortable and clean with excellent service and reasonable pricing. Having breakfast included with the room was a relief for us financially and very convenient. It was really nice to have a comfortable place to stay before and after the surgery because it helped to reduce the level of stress associated with this situation.
Jon was also pleased with the Dentist you recommended. They thoroughly cleaned his teeth and did x-rays for a reasonable price and he plans on going back to get his cavities filled. Overall, our trip was a success. we made some new friends at the Mexicali Sign Language Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. When they heard about my surgery, 9 people came to the hospital to encourage me on Tuesday night and to offer their help as interpreters. Though most of my friends didn’t speak English, we communicated in ASL and they spoke Spanish to the medical staff. (I did not meet Diana Benitez until Thursday when we received the bill).I am very happy that I decided to go to the Family Hospital in Mexicali and I would recommend them and you to any of my friends.
family hospital hysterectomy testimonials
Gigi L - Las Vegas, NV Hysterectomy with Dra. Lupita Machado  

Please accept my apologies for taking so long in getting back with you, life has been crazy busy! In a way I am kind of glad because not only can I share what a wonderful, blessed experience I had with you, your staff, and the hospital, I can also share how well my post op. has been for a little over two years now.  Where do I begin, except to let everyone who is thinking about going to Mexico (specifically De La Familia) for medical procedures that you and your staff are absolutely top notch. The professionalism and knowledge of Dr. Machado, the caring staff, to the absolute cleanliness of the hospital (you could eat off the floor) it was more than I ever imagined possible. I have had family members, including myself, with full insurance benefits in the United States, that have stayed in American hospitals and had procedures performed, and while I found no fault with the doctors I did find the hospitals not as clean (when my premature baby was admitted with lung issues) I had to have my husband bring me cleaning supplies so I could remove the filth from my babies room.  Thank you so much Carlo for all your hard work!! 

Tubal Ligation Reversal testimonials

Jeanette Rodriguez
I would like to thank everyone at Hospital de la Familia for doing everything that was possible to make my surgery a success. For the last 6 years I have been praying every single day to God to give me the opportunity to have a child once again. It is unbelievable how expensive tubal ligation reversal surgery can be in the United States compared to what I paid for at Hospital de la Familia. I can not imagine what I would have had to do if I did not found this place. Everyone treatment me like family, especially Marcia my nurse. I really want to just say Thank you Thank You Thank you!! You have all made my dream come true!! I can not Thank you enough for your compassion and wonderful service! I finally have my little girl and for that I am forever grateful with Dr Jose Rojas and your wonderful staff!
Irene Marshall
Now that the experience is finally over, I would like to take a moment to assure everyone that this hospital is truly amazing. My experience was what was promised to me, from my pick up in San Diego airport to my drop off. Carlo was very helpful in organizing this experience for me. He made sure things runned smoothly and helped when i needed it. Dr Llamas was very nice, very clear in his communication. He gave me extreme trust and for that I am very grateful. If anyone is hesitant in having surgery in this hospital please feel free to contact me as I am very happy I made this decision.
Jennifer Wallace
Back home now. Thank you so much for your hospitality during my stay. I will wait the 3 months to start trying for pregnancy as you told me so. I really appreciated all the hard work you put to make my experience pleasant with you guys. Everyone was very nice, I felt very safe. If anyone is interested in speaking with me be sure to let me know I am happy to do so as a refferal. Thanks again and God bless you all!! Looking forward for my baby in 2015!
Patty Jimenez
Words can not explain how happy I am that I made this decision. A child is the biggest gift a mother can ever have and if it wasn't for you guys it would not be possible. Please thank Dr Rojas for doing a phenomenal job and please thank all his staff. I plan on visiting you guys for anything else I need! You are the best! I regret ever doubting visiting Mexico for surgery. Thank you!
Latisha Robinson
I want to take a moment to congratulate Carlo and the medical tourism department for there wonderful staff and program. When I first thought about traveling abroad for surgery everything thought I was crazy to do such thing. I live in Michigan so gong anything further than out of state is unthinkable for many in my neiborhood. After extensive research I found Hospital de la Familia online. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital and how quickly and easy it is to get across from the United States. The hospital was located literally seconds away from the US/border. Very convinient, very easy to get too. My room was very nice and everything was very much as it was described to me. I am still not pregnant but I did my HSG and everything looked normal so right now it’s just a matter of time. I can not wait to hear the good news any month now!! Overall I want to thank everyone in this wonderful facility for taking good care of my during my stay.
Veronica Rodgers
Hat’s off guys!! Had a great experience. Never been to Mexico before. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations loved that Mexican restaurant at La Rumorsa, great views! Please thank the entire staff from my end. If I need anything else done in the future I will def consider you.
Greta Polanosky
Dear hospital familia, First of all I want to let you know that I had a very difficult ride back home. I recommend that you warn potential clients not to drive for more than 8 hours to visit you guys. It was a terrible way back to Northern California I wish I would have flown. Not entirely your fault but it is something worth mentioning. Overall I had a good experience. There are some areas you can get better such as having more bilingual staff overnight. Sometimes it was difficult to communicate with your nurses during off hours. I think it is important that at all times there are fluent bilingual nurses available, not just during office hours. If someone asks me if I would recommend you yes I would. I think you have a great program and plenty of americans can benefit from what you offer. I never got to use the Ipod and it would have been very helpful if you would have mentioned to us that you have iPads available for patients. Besides that thank you very much for your hard work and god bless. Looking forward in getting pregnant soon.
Crystal Spicer
Hi Carlos, hope all is alright, I sent you an email a while back and never got a respond and I know your great at getting back with me. I just wanted to update you on my pregnancy I'm 17wks and we get to find out what we're having on thirds so I will let you know. It's been a roller coaster ride but it's been such a great blessing. Here's a pic of when I was 12wks. Hope all is well. I will let you know what we're having. Thanks for all that you have done to make this happen. Please show the doctor that did this wonderful work.
Yolanda Vermulen
Hi Carlo, as promised, here is a picture of my baby girl!! Please thank Dr Llamas and his skilled team for making this happen. I am blessed to have found you guys thank you!!
Maryann Ortega / Tubal Ligation Reversal
Jackpot!!! Loving it!! Here it is, a boy!! Can’t wait!! So exciting!!! I wonder how many mom’s have gotten pregnant with you guys last year?? We should have a club haha. You guys were great thank you so much I will never forget you carlos. Waiting for my prince!!
Sarah Patell / IVF
To Carlos, Mariana, Victor, Dra Machado and the entire Family Hospital. When I first contacted you I never expected to get the type of service that was offered to me. My focus was mainly in getting pregnant, in whatever means shapes or forms there was possible. I could not stand continue living without having a new child and I regretted every single day not trying before. You guys gave me the best blessing anyone can ever have. I almost passed out when I heard my OBGYN Dr Feinman saying 2 heartbeats are being heard in the ultrasound. I now get to live the rest of my life with the two most addorable baby girls anyone can ever have. You showed nothing but compassion, love, effort, and understanding throught the process and I know I was a difficult client to have lol!!! I can not believe this is happening. I will make sure to providee pictures to you guys in the future and recommend you to the entire world if I have too! Thank you so much for making my dream come true.
Martha Richards
I had an excellent experience at Hospital la familia. The nurses, the driver, the location was exactly what I expected. I would recommend Hospital la Familia to everyone that is interested in saving some money by going to Mexico for tubal ligation reversal. I understand there are no guarantees considering I am already 40 but I am praying every day that one day I can see my born child in the near future. I hope Hospital la Familia can provide this to me. Very thankful for everyones hard work in making my experience a success.

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I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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