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Hospital de la Familia Hospital de la Familia has a reputation for providing Excellent Medical Professionals since opening its doors in 2003. Several of our physicians are US-trained specialists that ranked among the top surgeons in north Mexico with over 30 years of surgical experience. Our surgeons are committed to the constant pursuit of excellence in patient care and will provide you a comprehensive explanation of what to expect before & after your surgery is complete. Many of our specialists were  owners of the hospital and have a strong influence in the facility.It is not uncommon to find billboards and marketing ad's around the area in Mexicali that state we are  'Simply the Best!'. We are proud to say that the Family Hospital has an in-network some of the most reputable surgeons you will find in the city of Mexicali, Baja California Mexico. 
Aesthetic & Bariatric Marco Sarinana MD
Dr. Marco Sariñana
Aesthetic & Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr. Marco Sariñana is a graduate of the UABC Faculty of Medicine in Mexicali, Mexico. His Social service internships followed in Mexicali and Ensenada. Four years of additional General Surgery training were completed at Hospital General de Zacatecas, Mexico. In 2007, Dr Sarinana received Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery training in Tijuana as well as a Fellowship in Gastric Banding and Gastric Balloon. As a continuing process of his preparation, he expanded his studies and practice to Diagnostic Endoscopy and training in all sorts of weight loss procedures. In 2013, Dr. Sarinana began training and specializing in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgeries, mainly as he realized that his weight loss patient would need cosmetic surgery in the near future. He is known as the "Complete Makeover Doctor" since severe cases go to him for his weight loss & cosmetic combination. He is currently a member of the "Colegio de Profesionistas en Cirugia Estetica" and received his Superior training of cosmetic surgery in Veracruz, Mexico. Dr. Sariñana is a frequent attendee and participant of medical conferences throughout Mexico, focusing his education on weight loss surgery techniques and cosmetic procedures. 

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plastic surgeon gustavo gaspar
Dr. Gustavo Gaspar
Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon

Dr. Gustavo Gaspar is a graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He specialized in General Surgery and Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery at the General Hospital Medical Center “La Raza” in Mexico City. Dr. Gaspar has participated in over 30 congressional conventions for Cosmetic Surgery in the U.S., Mexico and Central and South America. He continues to attend and participate as a speaker at conventions, medical centers and world broadcast events on the topic of Cosmetic Surgery. For over 18 years, Dr. Gaspar has performed Cosmetic Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. He is a staff member at Hospital de la Mujer (Women’s Hospital) in Mexicali. Dr. Gaspar is a well sought-out surgeon, with over 60% of his patients travelling from California, Nevada, and Arizona as well as from other parts of the United States and the World for his expertise. In addition to surgical practice, Dr. Gaspar makes time to help those in need. In 2001, he created a non-profit program focused in assisting children with congestive physical disorders. In 2003, Dr. Gaspar created a non-profit program for women who had breast cancer and need cosmetic reconstruction. Dr. Gaspar was specially recognized in 2007, winning the honorable ‘ Sol Azteca’ award as ‘Plastic Surgeon of the year-2007’ for his outstanding work in cosmetic surgery for men, women and children. 2008, 2009 and 2010 ALLERGAN best Surgeon of Mexico. Dr. Gaspar has performed over 4,000 cosmetic surgeries. (Tummy tuck, liposuction, mummy makeover, breast implants, and more)  

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Gynecology surgeon Guadalupe machado
Dr. Guadalupe Machado
Ginecologic Surgeon

Dr. Machado is a graduated of the UABC School of medicine. She served her internship at the General Hospital of Baja California, and performed social service at the Mexican Institute of Medical and Social Service in Mexico City. She specialized in gynecology and Obstetrics at ISSTE General Hospital with Dr. Dario Fernandez in Mexico city. She is a board certified by the Mexican Society and council of gynecology and Obstetrics since 1995. She is certified by Stanford for

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ginecologist surgeon ricardo llamas
Dr. Ricardo Llamas
Ginecologist surgeon

Considered as one of the most professional and experienced Gynecologist of the region. A graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in General Surgery. He obtained his medical internship at the Regional Military Hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Dr. Llamas became a practitioner resident at hospitals Universitarios and Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara. He obtained his specialty in gynecology and Obstetrics medicine at Hospitales Univesitario of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.
Professional Experience Administration Manager at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetric Medicine  at the General Hospital, SSA ISSTECALI 1985 – 1989Professor of clinical practice at the Universidad Autonoma of Baja California, 1986- 1989Professor in 18 National Congresses and Courses since 1988 Gynecology and Obstetric Surgeon at the Hospital General, Mexicali BC Mexico, 1990 - 2000Founder and Head Gynecology and Obstetric Surgeon at the Hospital de la Familia in Mexicali, BC Mexico, 2002- present. 
Membership and Societies Society of Gynecology and Obstetric Medicine in Mexicali, 1985Mexican Federation Society of Gynecology and Obstetric Medicine

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ginecologist surgeon jose rojas
Dr. Jose Rojas
Ginecologist surgeon

He is one of the founders of Hospital de la Familia in Mexicali. He has more than 25 years of experience on gynecology and surgery. Dr. Rojas is a graduate of the Facultad de medicina UNAM in Mexico city. He did the intership for general surgery in Estudio Epidemiologico de la Comunidad de Ciudad Lerdo Tejada, Veracruz, and Post graduate specialization in gynecology and obstetrics surgery at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. His Certification is by the Mexican Council of Gynecology and Obstetric Surgery.

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bariatric surgeon rafael abril andara
Dr. Rafael Abril Andara
Bariatic Surgeon

A graduated of the UABC Faculty of medicine in Mexicali, Mexico. He specialized in General surgery at General Hospital of Sonora, Mexico. He has a degree in advanced laparoscopy supported by the Mexican association of endoscopic surgery. He received bariatric surgery training at the hospital Sao Camilo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Abril is certified by the Mexican Council of General surgery. He is a member of the Mexican school of surgery for obesity and metabolic diseases; Mexican association of endoscopy surgery and for its ethics and professionalism belongs to the school board of general surgeons in Mexicali, Mexico.

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neurologist surgeon roberto hernandez
Dr. Roberto Hernandez Peña
Neurologist surgeon

A graduated of the UABC Faculty of medicine in Mexicali, Mexico. He specialized in Neurosurgery at UNAM-ISSTE in Mexico City. At the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ he specialized in neurological Spine surgery. He is certified by the Mexican Council of Neurological Surgery. He is associated with Mexican Society of Neurological Surgery, Mexican Association of Surgeons of Column, and American Association of Neurological surgery.

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urologist surgeon ismael avila
Dr. Ismael Avila Íñiguez
Urologist surgeon

He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in General Surgery. He was given honors of the best student for 7th and 8th semester. Dr. Avila received his degree in the Specialty of Urology from the National Autonomous University in Mexico (UNAM) 1991. Became a certified by the Mexican council of General Surgeons, 1988-present- Became certified by the Mexican Council o Urologists 1991-Present. Dr. Avila performed over 3,000 Urological and Oncological surgical procedures including implants, cancer care, and transplant infusion. He regularly attends seminars in both the United States and Mexico such as the Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association and the National Congress of Oncology and Urology.

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orthopedic surgeon juan antonio bustamante
Dr. Juan Antonio Bustamante
Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Bustamante is a graduated of Universidad autónoma de Mexico in 1983. Medica rotary Residence at Hospital Español of mexico, 1984-1985, Specialty in Orthopedic at Hospital Shrines for children at 1985, Orthopedic and Traumatology intern for Hand at Hospital General coyoacan 1986, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery intern for Hand surgery at Hospital Manuel Gea Gonzalez 1987, Member Society of Orthopedics and Latin American society of Orthopedic and Traumatology. Dr. Bustamante is well known doctor with more than 20 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon. He speaks Spanish and English.

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thoracic surgeon carlos cesar ochoa
Dr. Carlos Cesar Ochoa Gaxiola
Thoracic surgeon

 Board Certified Thoracic Surgeon on staff at Family Hospital. He is one of 3 thoracic surgeons in all northwest Mexico.
Medical school: Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (U.A.B.C.), Mexicali, B.C.
General surgery residency: Hospital General del Estado; Hermosillo Sonora.
Thoracic surgery fellowship: Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias ( INER ) in
Mexico City, D.F.                                                                                                                                           
Additional Training:Diagnostic & Therapeutic Bronchoscopy
Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias
México D.F.
Thoracoscopy and Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)
Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias.
México D.F.
Board certified thoracic surgeon, Council of Thoracic Surgery. In addition to seeing patients in private facilities across the city, and in the neighboring San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora, Dr. Ochoa is a staff physician at Hospital General de Mexicali. He is also a Professor of Surgery at the Universidad Autonoma Baja California.He recently spoke to the city of Mexicali on the radio program, Los Doctores about the treatment options for patients with Hyperhidrosis or excessive palmar and axillary sweating, and how this condition affects the lives of sufferer. He was also featured on San Diego Health for his role in alleviating the current thoracic surgeon shortage in the United States.  

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transplantologist surgeon fernando lopez neblina
Dr. Fernando Lopez Neblina
Transplantologist Surgeon

A graduate of the UABC School of medicine in Mexicali, Mexico (1982-1986). He is specialized in general surgery by Centro Medico Nacional Occidente & Universidad de Guadalajara, Jalisco (1988-1991). Certified by the Mexican Council of General surgery (1991). He obtained his specialty in Organ transplantation in Michigan transplant Institute at Borgess Medical Center Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA (1992-1995). He did surgical research on the Western Michigan University and Surgical Research Institute, Kalamazoo Michigan (1992-1993). He has several research publications. He speaks English with great fluency, and he is part of Family Hospital Medical Staff

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surgeon interventionist jose m delgado
Dr. Jose M Delgado
Surgeon/ Interventionist/ Interventional Cardiology

Graduated as surgeon from the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)

Dr. Delgado is specialized on Internal Medicine and Cardiology and has a subspecialty on Interventional Cardiology. PhD in medical sciences.

Head of Cardiology residents at the Occidental Medical Center, Social Security Mexican Institute, Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

Work background
Assigned to the Cardiology service at the General Hospital # 30, Social Security Mexican Institute, in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.
Period: august 1987 to July 2009.  

Cardiologist assigned to the “5 de Diciembre” General Hospital of ISSSTE, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.
Period: July 1988 to march 2001.  

Clinical and interventional cardiologist assigned to the “Hospital de la Familia” in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, since March 2004.

Ordinary cardiology professor assigned to the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Autonoma of Baja California, in the period from 1990 to 1997.

Member of the following associations
Mexican Board of Cardiology
National Cardiology Association of Mexico
Cardiology Society of Baja California, Mexico.

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cirujano oncologo gabriel ramos
Dr. Gabriel Ramos

 2007 – 2010

2003 – 2007
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Medico Cirujano y Partero
cirujano oncologo

Marzo de 2010 – Actualidad (4 años 3 meses)
marzo de 2010 – Actualidad (4 años 3 meses)SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO SONORA


He speaks english, and he is part of the medical staff at Family Hospital.  

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alejandro nurincumbo vazquez
Dr. Alejandro Nurincumbo Vazquez

10 Years as a vascular surgeon, and  20 Years as a Doctor!  
MEDICAL SCHOOL            UABC Mexicali campus 1990-97  
GENERAL SURGERY        Northeastern Medical Center number 25 IMSS Monterrey                                                                                    Nuevo Leon.                                                                                                                                                         Title endorsed by the  UANL General Surgeon 1998-2001
VASCULAR SURGERY       Adolfo Lopez Mateos Speciality Regional Hospital Mexico                                              City, D.F. ISSSTE                                                                                                                                                  Title Endorsed by UNAM 2002-2004
UNITED STATES TRAINING Arizona Heart Hospital Phoenix AZ, 19nth street and                                                                                           Thomas Road                                               
                                             Arizona Heart Institute and Foundation, Phoenix AZ
                                                                                           endovascular surgery fellowship 2004                                                         BOARD CERTIFICATE        346  Consejo Mexicano de Angiologia y cirugia Vascular
RECERTIFIED                      346 APRIL 2010 UP TO JANUARY first 2015  

Languages:  Spanish and English 100% French 50%

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Dr. Ary Zarate
Weight Loss surgeon

Dr Ary Zarate is a graduate of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in a degree of Multidisciplinary and Surgical Management for Obesity in 2013. He continued his surgical practice at Hospital Star Medica in Chihuahua Mexico followed by continuing studies at the Hospital Universitario Clinico San Carlos in Madrid, Spain 2015. He became a member of the Colegio Mexicano of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases and is a Board Certified Weight Loss surgeon who practices surgery at Hospital de la Familia on a daily basis. He is averaging between 8-15 weight loss surgeries per month. 

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Dr. Alfonso Ponce
Dr. Alfonso Ponce

Alfonso Ponce MD is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist ( ENT ) & Facial Cosmetic Surgeon based in Mexicali BC Mexico.  He began his Medical Preparation back in 1985 when he enrolled at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California - School of General Surgery. 

Member of the Mexican Association of ENT surgery and  Head and Neck Surgery - ( # 3626367 )
Member of the Mexican Association of Facial Plastic Surgery ( Nose, Face, Neck ) - ( # 8031660 )

Alfonso Ponce MD received Board Certification Degree for Facial Aesthetic Procedures from the Maestria de Especialidades, Veracruz MX 
in 2010. 

Alfonso Ponce MD is a very popular Specialist in Mexicali for Rhinoplasties and Facial Cosmetic Procedures such as Face Lifts. He is a frequent surgeon at Hospital de la Familia where he does most of his ENT & Facial Cosmetic procedures. He speaks good English 

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Dr. Joaquin Ayala
Dr. Joaquin Ayala

Joaquin Ayala MD is a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Guadalajara Jalisco. He began his Medical Specialty journey back in 1978, once he registered at the Universidad Autonoma de Jalisco ( Class of 1982 ), School of Medicine. 

Dr Joaquin Ayala is a regular at International & National Congresses.

He is a Lead Member of the Association Mexicana de Cirugia Plastic Estetica y ReconstructivaHe is an Active Member of the “Colegio de Cirugia Plastica Estetica y Reconstructiva” de Baja California.

He is Board Certified by the Consejo Mexicano de Cirugia Plastica Estetica Reconstructiva #0608  
He is a Lead Member of the Mexican Academy of Genealogy & Heraldica. 

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I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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