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Weight loss surgery in Mexico

A weight loss surgery is any surgical procedure performed using a particular technique that helps reduce the amount of food intake a person can digest.The patient is able to loose weight rapidly following a proper diet. These techniques can be laparoscopic, non-invasive, or open surgery. Mexico has always been the leading destination for weight loss surgeries. Our low price / Customer satisfaction ratio has been the only option for many of American’s 32% overweight population to find an affordable alternative for there weight problem. At Family Hospital, we have been performing weight loss surgeries since 2006. Our proximity to the United States has worked astonishingly to our advantage. What would you say if we where to tell you that you  can save up to 80%  for having the same surgery you would have in the United States, and you only have to travel 200 yards south of the border.  

If you are suffering from overweight a surgical procedure could be the solution to help you lose weight. In Family Hospital we perform weight loss surgery in México so that the patient is able to reduce the amount of food intake and thus lose weight. Along with the surgery the patient must follow a diet that helps him or her lose weight. Remember this is a long process and needs all your will and dedication.

There are two types of weight loss surgeries that can be performed. One is non-invasive that is called laparoscopic and one open surgery. We are specialists in 
surgery in México. In Family Hospital we take care of your health because for us our patients lifestyles are very important.

Our country is one of the leading nations that receives many patients worldwide to receive a weight loss surgery México, for the relationship between the price and the satisfaction they get from the result. 

Something that helps our country is the proximity to United States of America. Over 32% of the population of the United States chooses Mexico for this weight loss operation in order to find a viable solution to the problem of obesity. Year by year the number of people suffering from this disease grows massively and we provide a favorable solution to all of them.

For those Americans who want a weight loss surgery in México we recommend Family Hospital because we are only 200 meters from the southern border and you will find here the best deal. Together with us you will save over 80% on the cost of the operation. Going through this surgery in the US can be much more expensive, so why not come to Mexico instead? 

In our Family Hospital we have been working since 2006 to provide our patients the best care and the best price, because the most important thing for us is your happiness. Among the different types of weight loss surgery you can find Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band, Intragastric Ballon and Duodenal Switch.

One of these operations can change your life, and you can get information on the Family Hospital website. Many people who have been operated lose weight in a very short period of time doing things right. We can help you doing this and you will see the difference short enough. Most of our patients are happier now as you can see from their experience in our hospital.

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