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Stem Cells

The stem cells are extremely important for the human body because they can develop into many different types of cells while they are still young or growing. This actually means that each new cell can remain as a stem cell or become a muscle cell, a brain cell or a red blood cell and consequently get a more specialized function. What`s more, sometimes they work as a repair system in many tissues, as long as the person (or even the animal) is still alive. Finally. Other two characteristics that are definitely worth mentioning are their capacity to renew themselves through cell division (even after long periods of no activity at all) and the ability to become specific cells with special functions.

A hyperbaric chamber is a pressure chamber which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood because the air quality is improved a one hundred percent. Undoubtedly, stem cells are greatly influenced or affected by just one session on the hyperbaric chamber in the Family Hospital. As a consequence, the healing process after a surgery or an accident is amazingly improved. From burns and soft tissue or bone infections to radiation injury and decompression sickness, your wounds and all the damage will heal much more quickly. A new usage of the hyperbaric chamber has been recently discovered: it works as an anti-aging treatment which can easily rejuvenate your skin.

At the Family Hospital, we have decided to make this incredible procedure as easy and as simple as the popular hip replacement surgery, the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico or the weight loss surgery in Mexico. As usual, the first step consists on requesting a quote by browsing our website. An automatic reply will give you all the information you need to begin the approval with the help of a case manager. The following step is to send the necessary medical records (pictures, screening and any other tests that might prove to be useful or helpful for the final quote) and fill the medical questionnaire. The aforementioned case manager will diligently work on your itinerary plan and your travel trip. It might be the case that the exact time of your consultation or surgery can change to our doctor’s schedule, but you will be notified in advance. It is extremely important for your recovery that you stay in the hospital or in a designated hotel for a certain period of time. Of course, this depends on your particular surgical case and request.


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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