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The Cardiovascular Institute of Baja California is within the premises of the Hospital de la Familia since late 2007. Several community cardiologists joined forces with the hospital to provide first class service to adult or pediatric patients with a cardiac condition. At the Institute, we have equipment and facilities at the Forefront and supplies of the highest quality, which offer quality care to patients. We provide cardiac services with a constant goal, to offer our patients the most complete and advanced methods for the dignosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease. Today our cardiologists specialize in all aspects of cardiovascular disease and provide comprehensive patient focused care. Through our expert team of physicians, with specialized training in specific cardiovascular conditions, our goal is to provide our patients with the full spectrum of cardiovascular care.

Since the year 2007, the Cardiovascular Institute of Baja California along with the Family Hospital have decided to set a new aim for all the areas of the hospital: to offer all of the patients the most advanced techniques for the diagnosis, the treatment and the prevention of heart diseases. A big group of extremely talented cardiologists are currently working together to provide first class service for adults, and especially for patients with a cardiac condition. I have said that this service has such a remarkable quality because of the equipment, facilities and supplies when it comes to plastic surgery in Mexico. As if this was not enough, our cardiologists are specialized in all the numerous aspects of cardiovascular disease. What´s more, they happily focus on their patients provide them with comprehensive and kind care, cardiovascular care in this case.
One of the most advanced techniques is the 
gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico or the pacemaker, a little but complex device that is put in your chest or abdomen (the exact location will be determined in the previous evaluation) during a surgery in Mexico. The goal is to help you manage abnormal beats in a specific situation, by sending electric pulses. Some patients might need the aforementioned device to increase the rhythm of their heart, while others might actually need it to decrease that rhythm.
If you are considered a patient and have been considered for the procedure for the pacemaker, you need to remember that you must arrive at least a day before the surgery in Mexico. The goal is to have enough time to make some consultation and to perform some kind of screening check with Dr. Delgado Hurtado. Also, the surgery is done under general anesthesia through a small incision and it only takes one short hour to be completed. When it is over, you have to stay for one night (or more) in the hospital, just so that our specialists can closely monitor your recovery.
Some more after surgery information: You will be able to recover in your private hospital room for one extra night, where your surgeon will visit you the following day. He will check the pacemaker reactions. The device has a guarantee of one year. So, in case you might experience any health issues, you should go back to your local hospital first and then, contact the Cardiovascular Institute of Baja California or the Family Hospital. The patient might be eligible to go back home or to the hotel. Finally, the transportation is provided to go back to the airport if necessary.


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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Video Testimonials


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