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Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Angiology is the study of the circulatory and lymphatic diseases that affect the human body with age, genetics, radiation, lifestyle habits, or some other unknown reasons. It can require extensive investigation and/or surgicl treatment to cure your symptoms. Family Hospital offer the best alternative to solve your condition, together with our specialist Dr. Alejandro Nuricumbo, whom is higly reccognized for performing succesful treatments both in local and international market. Some of the treatments are: SCLEROTHERAPY, ENDOVENOUS TREATMENT, AND VARICOSE VEIN SURGERY/ VEIN STRIPPING.

Angiology is the medical specialty responsible for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It is important to mention that arteries carry our blood from the heart to the cells and veins return it back to the heart. It is an endless cycle and its well functioning is a matter of life and death. Diseases in our circulatory or lymphatic systems often occur because of age, genetics issues, radiation, bad habits, or other reasons. These diseases affect our whole organism. If our organs do not receive enough blood supply the cells are in danger to die.

Some of these diseases require previous investigation and tests in order to know what the problem is inside a patient’s body. Many times it is needed to perform a surgery in mexico of some kind to cure them. Family Hospital is the best option to cure our patients’ diseases related to the circulatory and lymphatic systems together with Doctor Alejandro Nuricumbo who is highly recognized for his successful performances in both local and international medical surgery. Feel free to call us and find out about other cosmetic surgery in mexico.

Sclerotherapy, for example, is one of the procedures made at the hospital. Remember we have the best plastic surgery in mexico cost. The aim for this treatment is to eliminate the varicose and spider veins, a problem that usually affect older women. This treatment works with a saline solution injection into the veins. For those veins that are deep below the surface we use an ultrasound guided treatment.

For those patients who suffer from venous insufficiency we have another treatment called endovenous laser surgery. This disease may be cause when a person is standing for a very long period of time or rather sitting for many hours. This surgery help improve varicose veins and uses laser energy. It has a minimal invasion to the body.

At the same time you may need a vein surgery or vein stripping in order to treat varicose veins. You can get at appointment at our hospital in order to see if you need a treatment. But before, make sure you recognize the symptoms of varicose veins. Mainly, you can feel pain and fatigue in your legs but also burning, itching or difficulties to walk properly. A surgery only takes an hour or a little more and you will be able to go back home the same day. It is done under general anesthesia or mild sedation depending on the patient. 


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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