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IVF/ Invitro Fertilization

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a worldwide known medical technique performed specifically to stimulate a women’s reproductive system. This is achieved with medications and by injecting paternity eggs combined with a male’s sperm in a laboratory dish. The result is something called embryos, which will be strategically placed in the woman´s uterus in the future. Because of the low Mexico plastic surgery prices, the popularity of this procedure is constantly increasing, almost on a daily basis in the Family Hospital, which has already registered an enormous number of positive results (one out of three women under 35 years old. Actually, there is a 40% chance, but it drops by age), that is to say, pregnancies.

Exactly like the weight loss surgery Mexico, this completely safe procedure consists of at least one month of preparation and a treatment that lasts for two whole weeks. As usual, the first step will be to contact the specialists in the Family Hospital. They will be in charge of determining if In Vitro Fertilization is actually recommendable to you as a patient and of creating a special fertility plan (there are many different choices). That´s why, they might require a fertility screening. Sometimes, other option is to find an eggs or sperm donor. This is an excellent way to immediately improve the chances of getting pregnant. Once your particular case has been approved, you will eventually start taking contraceptives for a period of one entire month. When that time is over, it is time to start the corresponding fertility medication and injections (we can even send you the medications by mail). The fourth step consists in the patient traveling to the hospital for the egg retrieval. They will be more than necessary when the IVF is performed in our best laboratories. Finally, the embryos are transferred to the patient, who must obviously rest in the hospital and might be eligible to go back home after fourteen days. However, the whole travel itinerary depends on the patient´s decision and it will be followed during the whole experience.

It is normal to feel sore after the treatment. This also happens in the hip replacement surgery. Nevertheless, if you start suffering from excessive vomiting or fever, you need to contact urgently your personal doctor, who can find out if the woman is pregnant after two weeks from the moment the transfer was completed. But we usually recommend trying the In Vitro Fertilization more than once.

To receive a quote please provide your medical info so our specialists can evaluate if you are a candidate for treatment. We will be touch within 24hrs with a personalised surgical recommendation.

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I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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