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Complete Mommy Makeover

What is a Complete Mommy Makeover?   
A "Complete Mommy Makeover" is usually a combination of cosmetic procedures all done in 1 operating period. This combination is usually a Tummy Tuck with Liposuction in Love handles, Flanks, and back, Breast Augmentation ( Implants ) with Breast Lift, and fat transfer to the buttocks ( Brazilian Butt Lift ). These surgeries are highly demanded from women that are done having babies, hence "Mommy Makeover" name takes place, since they are desiring to get there body back as they previously prior to  having kids. As a result of aging, multiple pregnancies, heredicy, and/or weight gain/loss our bodies can loose it's pre young & perky appereance. Post-pregnacies, a woman's tummy stretches leaving  loose skin and excess fat that can be very difficult to get rid of, especially after having serveral children. A woman's breast tend to sag and breast volume & firmness tend to diminish as well. These are all common symptoms post-pregnancy or with aging. Fortunately, it does not end there! A Complete Mommy Makeover will give women the opportunity to get there confidence & self-esteem back by adjusting the excess skin & fat and leaving the breasts nice & perky. The Mommy Makeover is by far one of the most popular medical tourism packages due to it's cost savings & final results. At the Family Hospital, our Mommy Makeover program will provide you complete guidance and support during the entire journey. Please follow the next steps so we can begin the process of approving you for a Complete Mommy Makeover. 
How do we performed in Family Hospital?  

The surgeon will begin by performing liposuction in all agreed areas to loosen the skin and remove the excess fat. 
The surgeon uses a small cannula to suction the fat in the areas that the patient desire. The incisions in this surgery are very small followed by closing the incisions with stitches once all liposuction areas are complete. Once all fat is removed, the surgeon will do a incision from hip to hip ( or smaller ), and then another small incision in the bellybutton to begin the Tummy Tuck procedure. The surgeon will detached the skin from the abdominal wall so he will see the muscle wall and fascia. Suture to the muscles in the abdomen's middle line is followed to make it tighter. Most of the time the surgeon will do a liposuction to take out excess fat in that particular area, but excessive liposuction in abdomen is not reccomended as your body will need the blood in the area to heal from the Abdominoplasty procedure. The skin in the abdomen will be pull, and excess skin will be removed. The incision will be close with dissolve stitches ( monocryl ), and the surgeon will leave a drains. The drain should be left for  8-14 days, total time will depend on how fast you are healing. The drains help the body get rid of all the excess water produce ( Seroma ) caused by inflammation or extra space.  . After the surgery, a healthy diet and exercise will help you to maintain your spectacular body.  For the Breast Lift procedure, the surgeon has three options to make the incision: Anchor-shape, Lolly Pop, or Nipple only tehcniques. The final decisions of what technique will be performed is made via the breast size and results you wish to aquire. Not everyone is a good candidate for all techniques and this is decided once you send pictures or have a physical consultation. We will explain the difference and provide you with the best technique that delivers te best results for your desired results. If you decide to get Breast Augmentation & Lift, we will place the implants under the muscle prior to performing the Breast Lift procedure. The breast implant size can be determined during your physical consultation as well.  Finally, The surgeon will suture your breast lift  incisions and skin adhesive. The removal the excess breast skin takes place prior to finalizing the procedure by pulling the remaining skin out to make a firm & perky breast lift appereance. The incisions are closed usually with dissolvable stitches. The nipple is reposition where it used to be to create a younger look. It is reccomended that you stay for a minimum of 24 hours post surgery recovering in the hospital. At home, it is very important that you follow your surgeon´s indications.

Next Steps 1. Request a Quote. Browse our website and contact us. You will automatically receive an email that will explain to you the next steps. A case manager will contact you within 24 hours to begin the approval.

2. Send Medical Records.  You will automatically receive a link to fill out your medical questionnaire, and it is likely that your case manager will request previous medical records, pictures or any other test that will relate to your final quote and details.

3. Approval and Itinerary Plan. Your case manager will send you “the final quote and detail” description of your travel trip.

4. The arrival.  As a patient we promise to provide round trip transportation from San Diego and Yuma, AZ and any área within 130 miles radius from Mexicali. The exact time of your consultation or surgery can change to our doctor’s schedule, but we will notify in advance.

5. Recovery. Travel itinerary will consist of having you stay in the hospital or /and hotel, but this will depend on your particular surgical case and request.

After Surgery Indications

Wear a sport bra 24/7 as indicated by the surgeon.
- Wear a compression Garment 24/7- Do not bend over or lift heavy objects.
-Take your medication as prescribed by the surgeon.
- Do not smoke 6 weeks after the surgery.
- In case of fever, deep pain, bleeding, nausea, and vomiting contact your surgeon.
- If the incision is opening you should take pictures of the area and contact your surgeon.
- Avoid eating as much as possible spicy food and fats.
- Do not exercise or any physical activity during 6-8 weeks, and you can start on a moderate pace.
- Relax, let your body heal. Radifrequency massages and Hyperbaric bed will help speed your recovery.



1- Should I do something or avoid before the surgery?
 Yes, you should avoid smoking 3 weeks before the surgery and 3 weeks after the surgery. This will help the healing process to be faster and declines the bleeding risk. You should aviod aspirin and other medications, eat healthy, excercise, and prepare mentally for this life-changing event! We will provide full instructions once surgery is booked as there are other things you need to consider. 

2. How many days can I go back to work?It depends on your job and your body. Usually in 2-3 weeks on an office setting. 

3. What is the probability of getting an infection? It is 1- 2% like in any other general surgery.

4. How should I take care of the incisions post surgery? Clean the incision with water and soap everyday and do not lift heavy objects or do forcefull work. 

5. What do I do if I have an infection and I am back home? Contact your case manager as soon as possible, and expect an answer in within 12 hours.
6. What do I do if I am having a complication? Take a picture of the area you are worried about and send it to your case manager.  


Carele | Mommy Makeover
Chenoan Hanlon | Mommy Makeover
Penny | Multiple Body Surgeries
Angela Bailey | Mommy Makeover


I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making my trip a success.

Elizabeth H

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