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What is Intra Intrauterine insemination?

In recent years technology has increase in tremendous ways. In vitro intrauterine insemination is when the egg is fecundated by one sperm with the help of the laboratory setting and technology. This is done where the eggs are healthy, but the sperm have some kind of complication to get into the egg. Almost 15% of the population has infertility issues. IUI is an excellent option when the couples have infertility issues as a low sperm count and mobility, an irregular ovulation, problems with uterus, endometriosis or even unexplained infertility. 
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How is Intrauterine Insemination?

It is the same procedure as the in-vitro fertilization. The only difference is in the biologist technique of the fecundation process. The strongest sperm are going to be selected from the sperm sample. The biologist with the help of a catheter is going to inject the sperm into the egg for fecundation. This is the perfect procedure where sperm mobility and size is not good. This is the ideal to treat male infertility issues. 

Step 1 –  Consultation and fertility screening 
Step 2 –  Contraceptives must be taken at least 1 month before 
Step 3 – Injection/Medications begin 
Step 4 – Patient travels to Family Hospital for Egg retrieval 
Step 5 –  IVF performed in Laboratory 
Step 6 –  Embryos are transferred to the patient



IVF process for Stimulation  
(Subject to Change per case) 

Day 1-  Take injection
Day 2-  Take injection
Day 3-  Take injection 
Day 4-  Take injection 
Day 5-  Take injection and take 2nd injection
Day 6-  Take injection 
Day 7-  Take injection 
Day 8-  Take injection and take 2nd injection 
Day 9-  Take injection 
Day 10-  Take injection 
Day 11-  Patient must come to Hospital for Egg retrieval
Day 12-  IVF is performed for creation of the embryos 
Day 13-  Transfer is made, the patient must rest in the hospital
Day 14- Patient eligible to go back home

Next Steps   

1. Contact us so we can discuss your case with one of our fertility specialists 

2. If necessary, send us your fertility tests so we can determine your possibilities of having a successful IVF treatment
3. Let’s discuss your fertility plan. You have different choices. 

4. Coming to Mexicali so we can do your fertility treatment ourselves for you with all ground transportation and consultations included for the same price
5. We can send you the medications and you can do the IVF treatment yourself back home and come when we need to retrieve the egg

6. We will create your travel itinerary depending on your decision and follow-through during your experience


After Treatment Information

- It is normal to feel sore after the treatment but any excessive vomiting or fever needs to be addressed.

- We will find out if you are pregnant at least 2 weeks post-transfer

-Sexual abstinence during the 15 days of treatment.

-Total repose for 72 hrs.

-Take your medications as prescribed by the doctor.

-Do not smoke three months after the treatment.

-Stop drinking one month after the treatment and during the treatment.

-Do not exercise during the 15 days of treatment.

-No swimming, sauna or Jacuzzi after the treatment.



1. How long does those the treatment last? Approximately one month, but you don’t have to come to Mexicali for a month. You only have to come for the implantation of the embryos in the uterus. All the other procedures can be done via Skype or telephone. Contact your case manager for more info.
2. How much is the treatment? Send all your medical records to your case manager, and expect an answer in 12 hrs.

3. Do Do I need to be married for the in-vitro fertilization? No, we make no distinction between race, sexual preferences, marital status or ethnicity.

4. What is the probability of getting pregnant? There is a 40% chance o getting pregnant, but the percentages drop by age.

5. If I don’t get pregnant can I repeat the treatment and how many times? Yes, you can repeat the treatment after three months.

6. Can I get multiple pregnancies where all the embryos get attach to the uterus? Yes, there is a possibility that you get multiple pregnancies. It happens at a very low percentage.

7. If I am 43 years old do you recommended me to get an egg donor? Yes, for a woman older than 40 years old to make the probabilities increase we recommend an egg donor. 



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