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Multiple Liposuction

Multiple liposuction
What is a Multiple Liposuction?         

Liposuction is the most common procedure in cosmetic surgery. In this procedure, we take out the excess fat in some parts of your body, Usually, the thighs, the tummy, hips, buttock, and/or arms. It is possible to have stubborn fat that becomes very difficult to eliminate with exercise and diet. Liposuction is the easiest way of getting it out.  It is not recommended as a weight loss procedure and you should be in a good physical condition to be approved. For better and prolonged results doctors recommended exercise and a balanced diet after the surgery. Multiple areas of liposuction is a great procedure that can enhance and improve your overall looks self-esteem.
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How do we perform Liposuction at the Family Hospital?         

This procedure is usually performed with Regional Blockage and IV sedation ( Intravenous Sedation ). General / Local Anesthesia are alternative options.  The surgeon uses a cannula to suction the fat in the areas that the patient desire. The incisions in this surgery are very little, and the surgeon will close the incision with stitches. After the surgery, a healthy diet and exercise will help you to maintain your spectacular body.  

Next Steps

1. Request a Quote.
Browse our website and contact us. You will automatically receive an email that will explain to you the next steps. A case manager will contact you within 24 hours to begin the approval.

2. Send Medical Records.  You will automatically receive a link to fill out your medical questionnaire, and your case manager will likely request previous medical records, pictures or any other test that will relate to your final quote and details.

3. Approval and Itinerary Plan. Your case manager will send you “the final quote and detail” description of your travel trip.

4. The arrival.  As a patient, we promise to provide round-trip transportation from San Diego and Yuma, AZ and any área within 130 miles radius from Mexicali (Upon request ). The exact time of your consultation or surgery can change to our doctor’s schedule, but we will notify you in advance.

5. Recovery. Travel itinerary will consist of having you stay in the hospital or /and hotel, but this will depend on your particular surgical case and request.

After Surgery Indications

Take your medications prescribed by your surgeon.
- Wear the compression garment as indicated by the surgeon 24/7.
- In case of deep pain, high fever, bleeding, liquid getting out of the incision, nausea, vomiting, the incision’s color is getting darker contact your doctor as soon as possible.
- If the incision is opening take a picture of the incision, and email it to your surgeon.
- Do not smoke for 6 weeks.
- Do not exercise or any physical activity for 2-3 weeks, and start at a moderate pace.
- Do not take out the drain until the doctor indicates to do so.
- Do not bend or lift heavy objects.
- Expect the final results between 3-6 months.


1. How long do the results last?
It depends on your lifestyle post-surgery. If you follow a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly the results can last up to 10 years.

2. What is the probability of getting an infection? It is 1-3% like any other general surgery.

3. How many days do you recommend patients to stay in Mexicali? Usually, 1 to 2 days of post-surgery.

4. What can I do to be less anxious before the surgery? This is very common among patients. You should ask questions about the procedure and after surgery indications so you can be more familiar. Sometimes you may feel anxious because of the fear of the unknown to get good information could help you to relax. Reading a good book, go for a little walk, listen to music helps the patient to get his mind out of the surgery and relax. We have a 0% mortality rate with liposuction patients so relax you are in great hands! 

5. Can I get a discount if I bring a friend? Yes, contact your case manager.

6. What can I do if I do not like the results? 
Please consider what to expect as far as your results during the Surgery Approval process before your surgery. Depending on your weight, our specialists might limit the amount of liposuction they will remove from your body to avoid any possible after surgery complications. Please be assured, we will do everything as long as it is safe to deliver the best results to you. In case you are not satisfied with your results, adjustments can be made but after several months post-surgery to give the body time to heal. 



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