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What is a Pacemaker? 
 A pacemaker is a little device that is surgically allocated in your chest or abdomen that helps manage abnormal heart beats. The purpose of the device is to control the heart beat of the patient by sending electric pulses, both to increase or decrease the rhythm of the heart.
Starting at $1,000
How is the procedure performed?        
At Family Hospital, our patients interested in pacemaker must arrive at least a day before so we can do some pre-op  screening. With our specialist, Dr Delgado Hurtado. The surgery is done under general anesthesia through a small incision about 1 inch wide. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour to be completed. The exact location of the device will be determined during the pre-surgical evaluation. More than likely it will be placed in your chest our abdomen. Once the device is placed, the patient will stay 1 night in the hospital so we can monitor closely his/her recovery. The following day Dr Delgado will evaluate the patient and once all is clear the patient is elgable to go back home.


Day 1-  Arrival in airport or designated location. Transportation to hospital. Pre-Op testing and consultation. Spend night in hospital
Day 2- Surgery day, recovery in hospital

Day 3-  Post-Op consultation, patient eligible to go back home or hotel. Transportation  provided back to airport if necessary.

Next steps

1. Complete your Medical Questionaire Form that has been sent to you after requesting a quote
2. If you have medical images or reports, please upload them or send them so we can start reviewing your case
3. Please discuss with your Case Manager any particular questions or concerns you have.
4. Your case manager will discuss with your surgeon your particular case and if necessary will coordinate a conference consultation to go over your case.
5. If you are taking any medications, please be sure to let us know
6. Once we approve your case, we can start planning your itinerary and travel with us
7. If you need a letter from us to your employer, let us know so we can provide one for time off work related duties.


After-surgery information
 Once your surgery is complete, you will recovery in your private hospital room for 1 extra night. Your surgeon will visit you the following day and will perform some post-op tests in response to your pacemaker reactions. Once all tests are performed, you are eligible to go back home. Your pacemaker has a guarantee of 1 year and if you are facing any issues while back home, please go to your local hospital first and then contact us so we can determine what we will need to do to make sure you get the best service.  



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