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Rotator Cuff Repair

rotator cuff repair
What is Rotator Cuff Repair?

Rotator cuff is the ‘ball and socket’ part of your shoulder that helps your arm get its flexibility and power when lifting, pressing, or throwing an object. It is formed by a group of muscles and tendons that circulate the area giving it strength and form. When one of its surrounding tendons gets torn due to injury or overuse, you will most likely need Rotator Cuff Repair surgery to re-attach the torn tendon(s) back to the bone.
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How is procedure performed? 

At Family Hospital, the procedure can be performed both by open surgery or shoulder arthroscopy. This will depend on your medical records and the recommendation of our surgeons once he inserts the small camara to see the inside of your shoulder and its surrounding areas ( Cartilage, bone, tendons, etc ). Our surgeons will check for any damage above the rotator cuff and remove any unnecessary bruised tissues ( if any ) or bone spur removal. Your surgery will consist of both regional blockage and general anesthesia . Surgery from start to finish takes approximately 2-3 hours followed by an additional 2-4 hours in the recovery room. Your tendon is attached with sutures ( called suture anchors ) and we use the same sutures you can find in the best hospitals in the United States ( Artex / Smith & Nephew ). The suture anchors can be both metal or dissolvable, this will depend on our surgeons recommendation in regards to your particular case. Once the surgery is completed, the incisions are closed and a recovery process begins with physical rehabilitation that must be carefully followed.


Material that we use – Artex / Smith & Nephew  


Itinerary Example for Rotator Cuff Surgery if traveling from Abroad

Day 1-  Arrival in airport or designated location. Transportation to hospital. Pre-Op testing and consultation. Spend night in hospital

Day 2-  Surgery day, recovery in hospital Day
Day 3-  Patient eligible to go to hotel for recovery, physical therapy begins
NOTE: Physical therapy can be done both by yourself or by a therapist, this will depend on what you’d prefer would be best for you. Our surgical team will instruct you how to do physical therapy and we will provide you with a guideline.  
Day 4-  Patient is eligible to go back home if patient desires to continue physical therapy in his local community. If patient desired to do physical therapy in Mexicali we can coordinate his/her transportation to our physical therapy center.                                                                                                                      NOTE: Please keep in mind, all ground transportation while recovering in Mexicali for physical therapy or doctor appointments are provided by Family Hospital at no extra cost.

Next steps  

Complete your Medical Questionaire
2. If you have medical images or reports, please upload them or send them so we can start reviewing your case 
3. Please discuss with your Case Manager any particular questions or concerns
4. If you are taking any medications please let us know
5. Once we approve your case, we can finalize your details and create your itinerary.     
6. If you need a letter from us to your employer, let us know so we can provide one for time off work related duties.


After-Surgery Information

- You will take antibiotics and pain medication for approx 15 days 
- You will be wearing a sling for 4-8 weeks.     
- We will provide you with instructions about how to do your physical therapy sessions. You will do ‘Passive Motion Excercises’ for 8 weeks ( This means you    will use your other arm for assistance during your physical therapy sessions )  
- You will gain 10% more strength every month for 8 months
- After your 8 months, it will take an extra 6 months to gain the remaining 20% of your strength
- The first 8 weeks of your recovery is crucial and most tendons after surgery tend to get torn if not handled properly within the first 8 weeks. Be specially    careful the first 8 weeks.
- You can go back to jogging after 10 weeks of physical therapy
- You should not be involved in  physical sport activities until after 6 months
- No smoking for the first 6 months post surgery 



1. How long will I be in pain after surgery? 1-3 days but physical therapy will pinch a bit 

2. How much physical therapy do I need to do after surgery? You will need to do physical therapy for at least 6 months. First 8 weeks will be ‘Passive Motion’ Then you can start using small weights. Instruction will be provided for your recovery.

3. When can I go back to my normal work activities? Depends the type of work you do, please ask Case Manager for more information.

4. What do I do if the tendon gets torn again? Best thing to do to avoid this from happening is to follow very carefully the post-op instructions that will be provided to you after your surgery especially for the first 8 weeks. If you feel the tendon(s) got torn again, we will need to make sure by an MRI and if we need to re-due surgery we will perform it for a highly-discounted price. Please be very careful after surgery by following the instructions of our surgeons.

5. How do I prevent this from happening again? Just being careful. Always stretch before excercising and try not to do anything out of the ordinary.

6. How long do I need to stay near Mexicali for the recovery? 2-3 days unless you plan on doing physical therapy here, then consider 10 days. 



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