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Tummy Tuck with Liposuction and Breast Augmentation ( Cohesive Gel Implants )

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What are Tummy Tuck/Liposuction and Breast Augmentation?            

A Tummy Tuck with Liposuction & Breast Implants combination helps reshape your body with the purpose of improving your looks, mainly from excess weight or childbirth. In many women, this leads to a better appearance and self-confidence. It is safe to combine these procedures in 1 operating period. The Abdominoplasty "Tummy Tuck" with liposuction works by reshaping your mid-body area(s) by cutting loose skin and excess fat. The Breast Implants "Breast Augmentation" increases the size of your breast by inserting implants in the mammary glands, usually under the muscle. You can add liposuction in others parts of your body too upon request and for an additional fee. Patients should expect a noticeably changed figure with larger sized breast placed symmetrically. This combination will give you a spectacular body if you are a good candidate. Good candidacy is based on Body Mass Index, Age, Overall health, life habits, and post-surgery expectations.
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How do we performed in Family Hospital?

 The surgeon will begin surgery my performing liposuction in all assigned areas. Once liposuction is performed and the excess skin is presented,  incision from hip to hip (or smaller ) is done followed by another small incision in the bellybutton. The surgeon will detached the skin from the abdominal wall so he will see the muscle wall and fascia. They will suture the muscles in the abdomen middle line to make it tighter ( Muscle Tightening Technique ). Most of the time the surgeon will do liposuction to take excess fat out in that particular area. The skin in the abdomen will be pull, and excess skin will be removed. The incision will be close with dissolve stitches ( Monocryl ), and the surgeon will place a  drains where you should leave it for  for 8-14 days, depends on your body. The drains help the body  get rid of  the excess water produced ( Seroma, blood, etc ) caused by inflammation & the new extra space. In the iposuction process, a local anesthetic is injected to prevent deep pain after the surgery. The surgeon uses a small cannula to suction the fat in the areas that the patient desire & was agreed during the physical consultation. The incisions in this surgery are very little, and the surgeon will close the incision with dissolvable stitches. After the surgery, a healthy diet and exercise will help you to maintain your spectacular body.  For your breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon has three options to make the incision: on the armpit, under the breast, and around the nipple. It depends on the desire size, shape, and the breast implant. In the doctor’s consultation, you will discuss your better options that fit with your desire result. After the incision, the surgeon will insert the breast implants. The technique used to insert the implant depends on the type of implant, and the results desire by the patient. Then, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures and skin adhesive. You'll have to stay for a minimum of 24 hours post-surgery at the hospital. At home, it is very important that you follow your surgeon´s indications. You should to consider 2 weeks of complete relaxation to let your body heal. 

Next Steps

1. Request a Quote.
Browse our website and contact us. You will automatically receive an email that will explain to you the next steps. A case manager will contact you within 24 hours to begin the approval.

2. Send Medical Records.  You will automatically receive a link to fill out your medical questionnaire, and it is likely that your case manager will request previous medical records, pictures or any other test that will relate to your final quote and details.

3. Approval and Itinerary Plan. Your case manager will send you “the final quote and detail” description of your travel trip.

4. The arrival.  As a patient we promise to provide round trip transportation from San Diego and Yuma, AZ and any área within 130 miles radius from Mexicali. The exact time of your consultation or surgery can change to our doctor’s schedule, but we will notify in advance.

5. Recovery. Travel itinerary will consist of having you stay in the hospital or /and hotel, but this will depend on your particular surgical case and request.

After Surgery Indications

Wear a sport bra 24/7 as indicated by the surgeon.
- Do not raise your arms, lift heavy objects or bend over until we instruct you to be able to do so.
-Take your medication prescribed by the surgeon.
- Do not smoke 6 weeks after the surgery (if you are a smoker )
- In case of fever, deep pain, bleeding, nausea, and vomiting contact your surgeon or visit the ER.
- If the incision is opening you should take pictures of the incision and contact your case manager.
- Avoid as much as possible eating spice food and fats.
- Do not exercise or any physical activity during 6-8 weeks, and you can start on a moderate pace.



1- How do I know I am getting an infection?
If you have the following symptoms: high fever, redness or purple color in the incision, pus, deep pain, and nausea.
2- How much time does this kind of surgery takes? It takes within 3-4 hrs. 
3- Do the doctors in Family Hospital are board certified? Yes, many are members of the Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugia Plastica Estetica  y Reconstructiva, AMCPER. 
4- Should I do something or avoid before the surgery? Yes, you should avoid smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and 3 weeks after the surgery. This will help the healing process  be faster and declines the bleeding risk. You should ask a sibling to take care of you after the surgery. Try to follow a healthy balance diet. 
5- How many days can I go back to work? It depends on your job and how fast you heal. We do have Hyperbaric beds in Mexicali that you can use to speed up your recovery. You could be back at work after 10 night post surgery if you have a desk job, but usually it's reccomended to be off work for 2-4 weeks.                                               



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